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Music has a way of captivating hearts. Ever since I was a little girl, I would eagerly receive a message from God’s word if it were combined with a song.  Mesmerized by the music, I would listen closely for the stories contained within the songs. God lovingly embraced my heart through music in the most memorable way. These messages of truth were imprinted in my heart and mind allowing me to carry them with me long after I would have forgotten any sermon or story I had heard. Music was the road that allowed me to meet with God in an intimate way.
        I am merely one voice in a choir of praise that is singing out testifying of God’s greatness. I am so overwhelmed by His wondrous love! The constant closeness that He desires with each of us amazes me. He cares about the big things in our lives as well as the small. He is never too busy for us. In His great wisdom, He has mapped out a plan for each of our lives. Imagine yourself holding Christ’s hand as you go through your busy days. He’s THAT close. He is the ever present help in our times of trouble.
        In these pages you will discover just how closely God watches over His children. You will read of His miraculous interventions, timely answered prayers, as well as the pain our lives encounter; through trials, illness, disappointment, and loss of loved ones. He understands it all. He walks beside us during the good times and carries us through our darkest days. He lovingly cheers us on to finish this life’s race.
        It is my prayer, as you read these stories and listen to Life Set to Music, that you will be encouraged and you will connect with others whose journeys are much like your own. May you find healing and receive victory in your own personal battles. Let Jesus teach you how to forgive. It is difficult, but be grateful for the bad times for it is in these seasons of pain that we should be collecting treasures that allow us to relate to others and lovingly help them through the rough seasons of their lives.
There are millions who share in similar pains and sorrows. Just as there are those who share immense joys and want to shout from the mountaintops proclaiming the wonders of experiencing God’s mighty hand at work in their lives. We are here to bear one another’s burdens and share in each others joys. When we yield our lives daily to the will of God there’s just no telling what He will do in our lives-to His glory. As I share these songs, I pray you will listen for His Spirit--Listen to God’s heart. He’s crying out to you, His Child. He longs for you to give Him your heart and take hold of His hand.

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